what is b2me

b2me is a different model of business management.


It means understanding, empathizing and feeling the needs of our customers to offer them the best options for design, production and installation of interior design and furniture projects.


With each project we face the challenge of putting ourselves in the client's place to better meet their needs.


b2me is illusion, knowledge and experience. It is present and future. It is design and innovation. But, above all, it is a response and solution to your project.

what we do


We offer unique and customized designs based on the needs of each client.


Integral manufacture of the product, wood, metal, glass, signs and lighting.


We give advice and technical support, based on our knowledge and experience in project management in the retail sector.


We manage the logistics of the projects and work with specialized assembly teams.

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ST Leonardo da Vinci, 20.
Parque Científico y Tecnológico Cartuja 41092 Sevilla
info@b2me.es     |     Tel: (+34) 955 28 39 39